DOI: 10.25881/20728255_2021_16_3_42


Agaev R.M., Sadyhov F.G., Gardashov N.T.

Scientific Centre of Surgery named after Acad. M.A. Topchubashov, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan


The purpose of the work was to study the long-term treatment results of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis to choose the optimal treatment tactics, taking into account the characteristics of the course of the disease and the nature of the existing complications. Of the 481 autoimmune thyroiditis patients treated in a clinic, we studied the long-term treatment results of 340 patients who undertook various treatments. Anamnestic, clinical, radiological, ultrasound, radiological, cytological research methods, and questionnaires were used. A special questionnaire we developed was used. The questionnaire consisted of 7 groups of questions, which made it possible to identify possible complications of surgery and other applied method of treatment, its shortcomings, relapse of the disease, patient compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, the need for hormone replacement therapy, as well as the patient’s subjective assessment of his health status. The analysis was carried out by examining patients who were called to the clinic to monitor their condition, as well as using a questionnaire that includes questions about the patient’s subjective state, whether he has complaints, physical functioning, general health, vitality, psychological health, social functioning, working capacity. The observation period ranged from 1 to 5 years or more.

Results and discussion. The developed method of laser photodynamic therapy (PDT) allows a precise effect on the pathological process in the thyroid gland, and in the future to supplement the therapeutic effect with a polyvalent positive effect of intravenous laser blood irradiation with low-intensity laser radiation (ILBI-LILR), which leads to early relief of signs of inflammation and to decrease in relapse from 45% to 18% with a decrease in the pharmacological load on the patient.

Keywords: autoimmune thyroiditis, surgical treatment, Extremely subtotal resection of the thyroid gland, Thyroidectomy.


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For citation

Agaev R.M., Sadyhov F.G., Gardashov N.T. Evaluation of immediate and distant results of treatment of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2021;3(16):42-46. (In Russ.)