DOI: 10.25881/20728255_2021_16_2_48


Fedorov V.Je. 1, Haritonov B.S.1, Aslanov A.D.2, Logvina O.E.2, Masljakov V.V.3

1 Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky, Saratov

2 Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekova, Nal'chik

3 Mari State University, Joshkar-Ola


Purpose. Improving the results of treatment of complications of cholelithi­asis manifested by mechanical jaundice.

Materials and methods. The experience of diagnosis and treatment of 537 patients with complications of cholelithiasis, manifested by mechanical jaundice, was analyzed. The first stage was 537 minimally invasive decompressions of the biliary tract, the second-500 different types of endosurgical interventions.

Results. Depending on the tactical principles, all the subjects were divided into two groups. In one (control) group (n = 249), patients were admitted from 2010 to 2014. Their treatment was empirical: decompression of the bile tree was performed at different times, and surgery was performed without taking into account the stages of the pathological process and the severity of the patients. In the other analyzed group (n = 251), patients were admitted to the hospital from 2015 to 2019. Their treatment tactics were personalized: taking into account the stages of mechanical jaundice. individual terms of decompression of the bile ducts and the choice of surgical intervention were determined. When comparing the results obtained, the advantage of the personalized approach was established: a decrease in the percentage of postoperative complications and mortality was revealed.

Conclusion. In cholestasis in patients with cholelithiasis and jaundice, the severity of the condition is due to hyperbilirubinemia. Stage 2 of mechanical jaundice-determined by the severity of cytolysis in hepatic insufficiency, manifested by hypertransaminasemia. The severity of cholangitis is determined by purulent-inflammatory, as well as septic signs of the disease, characterized by leukocytosis, circulating immune complexes and medium-weight molecules. In the cholestatic stage of jaundice development, treatment is planned, in the cytolytic stage — urgent, and in cholangitis-emergency. The use of personalized tactics for the treatment of patients with breast cancer has reduced the number of complications and mortality.

Keywords: cholelithiasis, mechanical jaundice, cholestasis, cytolisis, cholangitis, cholecystectomy.


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For citation

Fedorov V.Je. , Haritonov B.S., Aslanov A.D., Logvina O.E., Masljakov V.V. Ways to improve the results of treatment of patients with cholelithiasis and mechanical jaundice. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2021;16(2):48-52. (In Russ.)