DOI: 10.25881/BPNMSC.2020.53.42.033


Samohvalov I.M., Tynyankin N.A., Matveev S.A., Suprun T.YU., Lyashed’ko P.P., Bechik S.L.

Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, Moscow

Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg


The article is devoted to centenary of the birth of the famous Russian surgeon, the Head of War Surgery department of the Academy, professor, Major-General of the Medical Corps Ilia Ivanovich Deriabin. I.I.Deriabin was the participant of the Great Patriotic War and the war against militarist Japan, the warfare in Afghanistan, the first postwar postgraduate fellow under professor S.I.Banaitis, a student and associate professor of A.N.Bercutov, an officer working many years at War Surgery department, Kirov Military Medical Academy. I.I.Deriabin was also the Head Surgeon to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, the founding principal of War Surgery department at the Military Medical faculty, Moscow Central Institute for Advanced Medical Education, Deputy Chief Surgeon of the Soviet Army. In the history of military medicine professor I.I.Deriabin will stay as a great scientist and organizer in the field of War Surgery, a founder of traumatic disease tactical treatment concept, the author of the idea of medical-transport immobilization (anticipating popular modern tactics Damage Control). He also came up with an idea of an improvised frame for unstable pelvic fracture immobilization, developed the technique of peritoneal dialysis (in cooperation with M.N.Lizanets and E.V.Chernov), devised (coauthored with A.C.Rozhkov) multicomponent anti-inflammatory local wound blockade for injury control and septic complications prevention.

Keywords: Deriabin Ilia Ivanovich, the Head of War Surgery department, scientist-educator, field surgeon, traumatic disease tactical treatment concept.


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For citation

Samohvalov I.M., Tynyankin N.A., Matveev S.A., Suprun T.YU., Lyashed’ko P.P., Bechik S.L. Outstanding domestic military surface surgeon professor Illya Ivanovich Deryabin (on the 100th anniversary of birth). Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2020;2(15):187-192. (In Russ.)