DOI: 10.25881/BPNMSC.2018.75.61.003


Guryev V.V., Zverev D.A., Kucherenko V.S., Karelkina Е.V., Urumova E.L., Pishchugin A.S., Strelkov D.A., Moiseeva O.M.

National Almazov Medical Research Centre, St. Petersburg.


The study consisted of 53 patients aged from 60 to 84 years. Transcatheter correction was performed in all patients. The functional class (according to the NYHA classification) of heart failure, echocardiographic measurements of right heart chambers, left atrium, left ventricular function, and systolic pressure in the pulmonary artery showed a significant reduction in size and improvement in heart function. Intraoperative complications were not observed. In patients of any age, ASD closure is accompanied by an improvement in clinical symptoms, as well as a decrease in pressure in the pulmonary artery and the size of heart chambers. Given the continuous increase in the severity of symptoms, pressure in the pulmonary artery and remodeling of the heart chambers, ASD closure is indicated to patients when making a diagnosis, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms, even in elderly patients.

Keywords: secondary atrial septal defect, transcatheter correction, elderly patients.


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For citation

Guryev V.V., Zverev D.A., Kucherenko V.S., Karelkina Е.V., Urumova E.L., Pishchugin A.S., Strelkov D.A., Moiseeva O.M. Remodeling of heart chembers after transcatheter closure of secondary atrial septal defect in patients older then 60. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2018;4(13):18-22. (In Russ.)