DOI: 10.25881/20728255_2021_16_3_117


Andreicev I.L.1, Papoyan G.M.1, Gorbanev S.V.2

1 Municipal clinical hospital No. 31, Moscow

2 N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow


This article presents a clinical case of Morgagni-Larrey diaphragmatic hernia in combination with a hiatal hernia, which ended in a favorable outcome, due to a preoperative comprehensive examination and a planned surgical intervention performed using a robotic surgical complex Da Vinci Si. Complaints, anamnesis data, clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies have been presented. Surgical tactics have been described. The data of the control examination in the long-term postoperative period also have been presented. Morgagni-Larrey hernia is a rare pathology and the most optimal methods of surgical intervention are still being discussed. However, hernia repair should be performed as soon as possible after verification of the diagnosis due to the risk of developing obstruction or strangulation of organs. It is necessary to further study this pathology to improve the results of treatment and improve surgical techniques.

Keywords: Morgagni-Larrey diaphragmatic hernia, hiatal hernia, robotic-assisted diaphragm plasty with allograft, robotic-assisted fundoplication.


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For citation

Andreicev I.L., Papoyan G.M., Gorbanev S.V. Morgagni-Larrey hernia in combination with a hiatal hernia. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2021;3(16):117-120. (In Russ.)