DOI: 10.25881/20728255_2021_16_3_106


Tarasov R.V., Nikitina N.M., Asoyan G.A., Sadovnikova S.S., Bagirov M.A.

Central Tuberculosis Research Institute, Moscow


Аn observation from practice is given — surgical treatment of a patient with widespread pulmonary tuberculosis with an extensive mediastinal hernia of the right lung, due to progressive wrinkling of the left lung.

Patient B, 29 years old, suffered from pulmonary TB for 5 years. The course of treatment was repeatedly interrupted independently. He was admitted with complaints of hemoptysis, increased shortness of breath. The patient underwent transsternal occlusion of the left main bronchus and transpericardial occlusion of the left pulmonary artery with simultaneous plastic surgery of the anterior mediastinum with a mesh implant at stage 1. In order to reduce the left hemithorax and enhance the corrective effect on the mediastinal hernia, extrapleural thoracoplasty was performed with resection of the I-V ribs from the side of the previously performed occlusion at stage 2.

Keywords: transsternal occlusion of the main bronchus, polymer mesh implant, fibro-cavernous tuberculosis, mediastinal hernia, clinical case.


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For citation

Tarasov R.V., Nikitina N.M., Asoyan G.A., Sadovnikova S.S., Bagirov M.A. Successful treatment of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis with simultaneous correction of mediastinal pulmonary hernia. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2021;16(3):106-109. (In Russ.)