DOI: 10.25881/BPNMSC.2021.14.53.026


Kulikov A.N., Churashov S.V., Popov E.M.

S.M. Kirov Military medical academy, St. Petersburg


The review highlights the current section of vitreoretinal surgery — methods of treatment of macular hole. The historical aspects of this problem, issues of pathogenesis and classification, modern surgical methods and promising directions of treatment development are considered.

Keywords: macular hole, vitrectomy, internal limiting membrane peeling.


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For citation

Kulikov A.N., Churashov S.V., Popov E.M. Methods of treatment of macular hole: history and prospects. Bulletin of Pirogov National Medical & Surgical Center. 2021;1(16):135-138. (In Russ.)