To send articles to the editor you need to write an email. The body of the letter is as follows:

  1. The MS Word format text, drafted following all the rules.
  2. Schemes, pictures and other graphic documents attached separately.
  3. Supporting documents — scanned images of filled-out and attested supporting documents (in * .pdf format). The supporting documents include a cover letter from the author’s place of work with the seal and signature of the head of the organization, as well as the signatures of all co-authors (for each organization indicated in the text, you must provide a separate cover letter). The cover letter must confirm that the text in question has not been published elsewhere and is not accepted for publication by another publishing company / publishing organization, there is no conflict of interests. The article has no information that cannot be published.

In addition, you must send the original documents to the editors at:

  • Federal state budgetary institution “National Medical and Surgical Center named after N.I. Pirogov” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
  • 105203 Moscow, st. Nizhnyaya Pervomayskaya, 65